About Us

SINCE 1983…

Insignia Renovations, is built from over 39 years of experience in the interior renovations. We know that in order to provide outstanding, consistent service we must meet or exceed our client’s expectations. Insignia Renovations focus is on customized solution in support of the specific needs of our client allows us to attain that goal.  Our success since 1983 is directly attributable to our reputation within the industry as a company whose name is synonymous with responsive, quality service. 

Organizational Culture

The management team has set the following guidelines to maintain our mission of quality service at a competitive cost.

  • Customer Service

Insignia Renovations believes that our employees will stand out from the competition simply by being more focused on customer interaction. This has been proven to be a winning philosophy, as we realize that small actions have a big impact. 

  • Open Communication

Our management team believes that constant and open communication with both our clients and our workforce helps create an atmosphere of constant improvement.  Our managers are encouraged to act timeously to see that all service issues are addressed promptly. 

  • Relationships Make the Difference

Strong relationships allow our teams to be more responsive, more accurate and more cost effective. Our managers are empowered to keep strong relationships with the client building upon courteous service, attention to detail and responsiveness.  Our workforce is encouraged to and trained on ways to interact on a more personal level with each of the customers served.

It is our goal to be a service “partner” to our customers, not just a service “provider.”  Insignia Renovations does not simply provide personnel; we become involved in our client’s service program and provide management support, recommendations, remedial action, and other value-added services.

Service Delivery System

Our service is supported by an innovative and passionate team of experienced professionals, also referred to as the Insignia Family.  While the skill sets range from 30+ year expert installation teams, elite carpentry and more, the goal remains the same:  Deliver our clients a safe, high-quality service at a competitive price through a systematic, continuous- improvement model known as the Service Delivery System.  We feel strongly that it is this Service Delivery System that sets us apart from our competitors.  We utilize a comprehensive approach to provide consistent and sustainable service.  Interrelation of key categories fosters a culture for continuous improvement and serves as a flexible framework that is applied to all locations and service types, despite market complexity or market conditions.

Lines of Service:

Specializing in Interior Renovations on Deluxe Hotels and High-end Co-ops, Condos and commercial buildings throughout Manhattan as well as Terminals at JFK Airport. We provide all phases of flooring, wall coverings and carpentry. 

Insignia Renovations is a licensed General Contracting firm in the State of New York since 1983. We are a WBE/DBE/SBE certified company with New York City as well as the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.

Please contact cantonucci@insigreno.com for further details.